Acne Treatment | 3 Services
Acne Treatment | 3 Services
Acne Treatment | 3 Services

Acne Treatment | 3 Services

Acne Treatment | 3 Services

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An acne facial treatment can help clear out blackheads, white heads and remove dead skin from blocked pores.

Acne facial treatment also called a "decongesting facial", this treatment deeply purifies the skin and often includes rounds of extractions to unclog the pores. You can expect extractions from any classic facial option. This treatment we recommend to add it to your regular acne care, alongside medication and other skin treatments you do at home and/or as directed by your dermatologist. 

All types of facials provide a deeper clean, but acne facials offer more targeted steps to address stubborn spots.  

- Treats active blemishesExtractions are great for treating comedonal acne (aka, blackheads and whiteheads), as an esthetician will manually squeeze out all the excess gunk from the pores. As for inflamed acne, that's where high-frequency devices come in handy. High-frequency machines are used to treat and prevent problematic acne, decrease the appearance of pore size, and kill bacteria. 

- Prevents future breakouts: Acne facials typically include exfoliating cleansers or peels, with ingredients (like salicylic acid or glycolic acid) meant to speed up cell turnover, unclog pores at the source, and keep future breakouts from forming. Blue LED light therapy is beloved for keeping breakouts under control, as it penetrates the uppermost layer of the skin and helps kill acne-causing bacteria. 

- Hydrates the skin: When treating acne, we don't want to overwhelm the skin with peels and extractions, as the skin might overproduce oil to compensate, leading to even more breakouts. The goal is to remove the excess surface sebum, dead skin cells, and buildup in pores while eliminating bacteria without inducing a sebum response. Out estheticians will likely throw some hydration into the mix, like a cooling mask to soothe inflammation.


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